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  1. He’s in a 10 g alone and looks very quirky
  2. I just had to let you know, I adore Birb!!!!! Welcome to the forum!!! I saw you on anther post, and I didn't want to detract from the post so I thought I should just let you know even my Patient Spouse™ just squealed, lol.

    Birb is a staple in our house, especially Birb singing "Boots with the fur", lol

  3. Planted tank I guess. They’d probably also look good in a community tank
  4. Ok thanks. I’ll be sure to order those
  5. @Zenzo I saw your video on mudskipper food and found that the Indians can eat flakes. I prefer flakes, but I probably will feed them some frozen foods. Which flakes do you use for your mudskippers because I would hate to buy some flakes and then the mudskippers won’t eat any of it. Thanks
  6. You could do that, however I would recommend pea puffers instead because you don’t have to trim their beak and if you get 3(1 male 2 females) you probably would have room to put other fish in. Just be careful and do your research though.
  7. Hi I’m new to this forum and I have 2 tanks, one still cycling. I also have a bird that I love and I have 3 fish currently, about to get a 4th. I have a Molly, guppy, and albino Cory in a 10g tank and planning on a mudskipper soon. I have kept German rams, bettafish, tetras, gouramis, and some others. I hope to make friends and have fun here
  8. Ok thanks for the feedback
  9. Ok thanks zenzo. I will strongly consider brackish tank, and I probably would’ve added some salt just to inrich and stimulate them. I would love to do bumble bee gobies however where would I find them. Could you recommend me a good website or source to get them from. Thanks
  10. I’m getting a mudskipper for my 10g ( don’t worry I did my research some of the smaller mudskippers CAN go in a 10g) and I used a lot of the room for sand and air. I have like 4gs left. I’m wondering tank mates but idk. I’m gonna keep it in fresh because you can do any fresh OR brackish will work. I might do 2 shell dwellers, or maybe bumble bee goby, or some killifish. This is a stretch but maybe for an odd ball I’d put a fresh water pea puffer. That might be interesting. I do need the fish I keep to 1. Eat prepared food 2. be somewhat peaceful 3. Fit in a small space 4. Be somewhat hardy and not super fragile this is my second tank and I hope for success
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