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Hi from the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago

Andrew Puhr

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Hi there!

I am about 2 years into the hobby. I am pretty sure my story follows many. My wife brought a Betta in a bowl into our home. I had her upgrade to a 2 gallon tank with a filter so it would be better for the fish. It eventually died and we got a platy, molly, and common pleco for the same tank. Big mistake. We were fighting all sorts of problems so I found the aquarium co-op podcast first and then the youtube video. I got a 10 gallon tank and then kept going up from there and learning more from all the content available. 

Now I have the following tanks:

80 gallon: Guppy & BN Pleco Breeding Tank
55 gallon: Angelfish and Black/Dalmatian Molly Tank with Cories
30 gallon: golfish tank
20 gallon Hex: Betta Sorority with silvertip tetra dithers
15 gallon: Pea Puffer Tank
Fluval Spec V: Honey Gourami tank at work 

I have come a long way and enjoyed the ride. I even took full advantage of good deals to upgrade my setups on FB Marketplace and Offerup. I have used what I could and even created aquarium kits to sell to get other people into the hobby. I think I am finally done with new tanks but my fish room is very happy. 

Below is a picture of my 80 gallon planted before I added my fish. 


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