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Dojo's Uprooting Root-Tabs :)

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So I decided to give root tabs another go in my 72g. I gave up root tabbing a while ago because my Dojo loaches just dig them up and chew the tabs all happy like. So I planted 7 root tabs this morning with my weekly water change and it looks like the dang dojos got 3 of them. Does anyone have any solutions for this besides using some food to get their interests elsewhere? That only works so much. Is there another way to get nutrients into the substrate? I've been using the co-op root tabs which are capsules. Is there another type of tab that is more of a tablet than capsule? Any help would be appreciated.  

Bonus image of a basking dojo after he's torn up a root tab. 


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12 minutes ago, Patrick_G said:

They’re sort of compressed soil so they dissolve into the substrate quickly. 

That's what I need I think. The co-op root tabs just get chewed up by my dojos. Watching them spit out green capsule and try to eat it give me anxiety haha. 

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