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black beard algae on intake sponge

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I have developed black beard algae on my intake sponge for my HOB.  I have a moderately planted tank with different plants including vals.  I know you can spot treat with hydrogen peroxide, but was wondering if anyone has done something like an Easy Carbon dip?  I would like to avoid adding Easy Carbon to the tank to prevent damage to the vals.  Was thinking along the lines of removing the intake sponge and letting it sit in a bath of diluted Easy Carbon, rinsing it out really well with old tank water, then replacing it in the tank.  Has anyone tried this?

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What I did was take out the intake sponge, rinsed it, and then dried it out completely by putting it in front of a fan for a while. (Made the room smell wonderful😵) It killed almost all the BBA, except for in one spot where it hadn't quite fully dried. My Siamese Algae Eaters and Nerite snails picked off all the dead algae. 

But yes, I think letting it sit in a bath and then rinsing it afterwards would be fine, I doubt the trace amounts left would harm the vals.

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