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I think some weirdness is normal!  I really enjoy the variety of colors in your tank!!  Three quick questions:

  1. What's your substrate? (It looks like Fluval Stratum?)
  2. What's your lighting scheme? (And, is your light dimmable or on a timer?)
  3. When did you plant? (If it's super recent, your plants could just be getting used to your water and light!)
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I would consider adjusting lighting and adding some crushed coral!

I see some algae in the back, which makes me think you might be running slightly high on lighting.  I'd reduce the lighting by an hour and see if it reduces your algae.

And, I did some quick research on leaf curling...it seems like a calcium deficiency could be a cause!  What's your pH/GH/KH?  I think adding crushed coral in a bag near/in your filter wouldn't be out of line!

I think your tank looks great!!  Please keep us updated on what you decide to do and how it goes!  Hopefully, someone with more experience than me chimes in! 😆👍

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