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I have been dealing with brown algae for months. Thought I had it taken care of after not using fertilizer for a few weeks and now it’s back. My plants are suffering and I’m back to not dosing with fertilizer and also using the phosphate removing filters and the seachem phosguard. Any other suggestions? I have also taken my plants out and soaked them in tap water, then lightly scrubbed them. I always do weekly water changes and clean the tank walls. 

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Brown algae is a natural, if annoying byproduct in any new tank. Any imbalance of light and nutrients can cause it, and it can take a long time to find the right balance. I'd recommend looking at your lighting settings first. Cut that back to 8 hours a day if you can, and feed fish very lightly. If you still don't see a reduction in a few days, consider some algae eaters and omnivores like snails, shrimp, and livebearers, or break out the big guns and look into a fish like otos that eat algae pretty much exclusively.

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