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Tank Re-Start post treatment ?


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Hello fam,

If this is an existing discussion, please re-direct. Much appreciated.

I have a 10-gal planted tank that recently underwent unsuccessful treatment for diseases (most likely parasites). This tank has been running for 1 year, used to have guppies, ghost shrimp, and white cloud (thankfully most guppies were re-located long before ... still have ramhorn snails). I lost the last of my white clouds today and was wondering what would the proper procedure for "treating" or "resetting" the tank for future stocking ? I prefer not to have to dump everything out and start over.

Last time measured: 0 ammonia / 0 nitrite / 10-20 Nitrate / 7.2 pH / 75 F / 11 gH / 6 kH

As for the reason of death, I'd guess it's parasite because all the white clouds were (a) slowly losing significant weight overtime, (b) strongly go for food but typically spit out food, and (c) a few has white protrusion at their anal fin. I had tried 2 rounds of treatment using both ParaCleanse and Maracyn following Aquairum Co-Op guideline. I fed my fishes a variety of food (Extreme flake, Nano pellet, frozen brine/bloodworm/cyclops, etc.) but they typically wouldn't be able to swallow.

I'd really appreciate any input ~


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