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Oranda at top of tank

Hannah Q

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Hello everyone. I have an Oranda goldfish that is about 8 months old. She is in a 29 gallon tank with an aquaclear 30 and a sponge filter with an air stone. Recently she has been going to the top and just staying there for the really long time “gasping for air.” The sponge filter with the air stone seem to provide a lot of oxygen so I’m not sure what the issue is. I also see no visible signs of disease. The temp is at 73 degrees and all the water parameters  are good. I would appreciate any feedback. Thank you!!



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Does she only do that behavior when your need the tank and do you usually feed floating food? She could be begging/foraging. 

If you notice it a lot and she appears to be distressed, it would be chloramine or ammonia,  those two things cause surface gulping, however there are no black patches so I think it is not likely ammonia.  

Do you use a water conditioner when you do water changes? 

either one of those things would show on an API liquid ammonia test. I would add seachem prime and see if the behavior stops, if its ammonia I would do at least a 50% water change, if its chloramine I would not change the water just add the seachem prime


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