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Guppy female sudden unexplained death

Catherine madigan

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     Ok. I need help. I have done everything in my power but i think something is very wrong with the female guppies in virginia. I traveled to multiple towns to buy female guppies and continue to see loss. The males housed in the same 10 gallon. 2m to 6f guppies.( Babies have separate tank to go to. ) continue to die.

        Only the females. They are fed every other day and only as much as will be gone in a couple mins. The first tank my females we on their own i only had 4 it was a 7.5 they were drip acclimated and my conditions in all of my tanks are gh150 no3 is zero no2 0 cl2 0 kh 0 ph 7.2 hardness is a little soft all tanks were cycled.

        Changes occur 25% monthly. Or as needed in emergency. No present bacteria or algae blooms. I treated for bacteria just incase. And again only the females are dying. And there is no known cause! They are eating swimming and acting well until the next morning.

     I stayed up to watch the water measurements and test parameters every couple hours nothing changed. My males were originally divided between 3 10 gallons 2 females to each male. That's when i noticed the first death.  Despite nothing being wrong in the tank i decided to put them in with the other guppies in the 10 gallon after another female died.

      I decided to inspect her body while 2 of 3 deaths looked normal the third had some insides coming out at her privates. This is in 3 different tanks all three happily housing other non affected fish even the males of the same species. I did notice that the females in store aka petco, were thin and stressed looking.

      I did get them because i was hoping to help them. Those who i got ate properly bulked up a little bit as i hoped and looked good. Then they died a few days later. My ratio could end up less than preferable and im left stumped....

        Is there some genetic muscular dystrophy striking va or something??? I have never suffered this much loss in different tanks with no apparent reasoning. If anyone knows something i haven't tried please let me know 

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 feeding  every other day is not enough I would feed twice a day 6 days and fast them on the seventh day I would increase water changes to 25% once a week when you saw something  coming out  of  the dead fish  what was it like a  worm or something else

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