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Simple Breeding Container for Egg Scatterers

Fish Folk

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Working on a simple method for gathering a _few_ eggs from egg-scatterers. Found these food storage containers at Walmart today. Got some plastic canvas (darice mesh) used for needle craft, some very thin zip ties, and cut away. The idea is to place this into a tank, and set some stones and greenery on top of part of the mesh — not covering it over entirely— to entice egg-scattering fish to spawn over top of it. Because it fills with water, it shouldn’t float. But if it does a bit, a few stones _inside_ should hold it down. The fish spawn at certain times of day, in relation to light and food. Sometimes placement is key, relative to flow. Anyway, after a few days, just pull it out and check for little eggs. 

Going to try this with my rainbow shiners! 




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30 minutes ago, NeoNerd said:

did this work?

Not in this situation yet. We’re planning to try an open plastic container with stones piled in. We were trying that with a glass dish and got a couple eggs. Got a small powerhead on order from Co Op. our Hydor powerhead ended up decapitating a few because they could jam their little heads inside the propeller guard. 

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