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Advice pt 2


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Reposting due my post being little taken over (hope that’s okay, perfectly fine though) 

I ordered some fish, won’t say where from but they got stuck in shipping. It will be now 8 days minimum in the shipping process in the box. 
12 catfish, 6 panda, 6 Pygmy. My question is what would be the best course of action with the survivors if there is any. 
I don’t have a established hospital tank unfortunately. I do have a extra sponge filter in my established tank though.

seller has already been in contact with me with refund for DOA fish so I’m fine on the seller front. Just needed advice on what todo to with the survivors.





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update : fish finally delivered after 9 days 

2 of the panda corys were completely DOA and the remaining 4 pandas are struggling heavily. I thought 3 of the Pygmy were DOA but 1 has died since and the remaining 5 are also struggling heavily.

all the fish are swimming sideways or tend to swim heavy to one side of their body. Or they will jolt across the tank only to sit for awhile in place.

not sure what I should do for them. Suggestions? 
My seller is welllknown and has a 3 day claim policy but I highly doubt they will make it, the fish

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