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Spontaneous road trip to visit The Waterfront in Utah

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I had the opportunity to purchase some gorgeous fish from Trent (aka Wel-Don Tanks) and Peter (aka Guppy Guru) at The Waterfront where they are co-owners of a LFS along with another hobbyist, Louis. The shop is located in Murray, Utah. On a whim, I decided to drive the 8 hours from Colorado to Utah in order to pick up my fish in person. It was the first time I've been anywhere in a year! It was great to geek out on fish with other hobbyists and to see a shop started and run by true fish nerds. I drove 6 buckets of fish home with me and of course I utilized Co-Op Nano air pumps on each bucket. I service tanks professionally so most of the fish I brought home are tagged for client aquariums, but I ended up with a hate machine trio comprised of a flowehorn (aka Gucci Mane), a fahaka puffer (named Plum after the street the Waterfront is on) and a domestic bred (F1) schoutedeni puffer, now known as Murray.

It's always exciting to get a fish you haven't kept before and in my case they are all 3 different than everything I currently have.  I have a lot to learn about these fish. It was, for sure, worth the 16 hour round-trip in one day! The nano air pumps with zizz airstones (and of course the Co-Op airline) kept my fish haul alive and after a few days of pouting; Plum, Murray and Gucci Mane are doing great and they quickly figured out who the food lady is! 








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