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Angelfish staying on bottom


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He has been sitting on bottom for a few days. None of my other angles are acting this way. he is in a 50 with a stone to help oxygen. Still eats some. He is vertical.


High ph 7.4
Ph 7.6
Ammonia .025
Nitrate 5
Nitrite 0
Kh 5
Main body is about 3 inches

Don't know how to url pic




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I don't think its swimmers bladder.

Is he a new addition? Do the other angels pick on him?

I have an angel that gets fairly stressed out a lot of the time for varius reasons, sometimes ite because I added a new plant where as others its because I forgot to do a water change.

Most of the time when I have a fish thats acting "strange" I will check the water parameters and then do a waterchange. If I just recently did a waterchange I would add my water conditioner that will help remove any  of the metals that maybe stressing the fish out.

If he is getting bullied by the other angelfish, there isn't a hole lot that you can do. You might just need to remove him

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