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White mould?


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Hi guys, 

Hope you're all having a good week so far! 

Since setting up my aquarium there's been an odd white moldy patch on one of my rocks. It looks a bit like a cross between lichen and white mold. I didn't really pay it any mind, until I noticed one of my snails eating it today and got worried about the effects it might have on my snail's health. 

Any idea what this is? Will it make my snails, shrimp or future fish sick? 




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20 minutes ago, Neverseen2prettybestfriend said:

I believe it is biofilm. Quite beneficial. Shrimp, fish, and snails enjoy grazing on it so if it is biofilm I would probably leave it be. If you don't like the look scrub it off with a clean toothbrush.

Ooo I hope you're right. I googled pictures of biofilm though and it appears more wispy, whereas the the thing in my tank is more like lichen... like crusty and flakey. Here's a better pic... 

Just want to make absolutely sure it's harmless.  

If it is biofilm or something else harmless, I'll definitely leave it. 


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Just now, ElTigre said:

Yeah i had some white looking mold in one of my newer tanks i set up about a month ago all over some drift wood. My mystery snail and 2 nerite snails made short work of it and is hast come back since. Its pretty common in newer tanks but doesn't last long 

Kk fewf. If your snails were ok then I think mine will be too. My tank is new so that makes sense.

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