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Hello Everyone HELP

*I began with a 75 Long mixed African cichlid tank consisting of 13 fish. Tidal 110 hob Crystal Clear Water. We had a harmonious year or so, then aggression started. After attempting multiple things, I added 8 smaller fish. That took care of the aggression issue.  

*New issue Cloudy Water - went from 13 fish to 18 fish

*Do I add another Tidal 110?  OR  What do I do?

*Right now I clean the filter every 2 days. I've always used filter floss, sponges, & finishing pads







*New i


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Cloudy water is most often a bacterial bloom caused by excess organics in the water. The Tidal 110 you have is plenty of filter for a 75g and I would not add more.

With all the fish you have, I'm betting that with the best of intentions, you are over feeding. I'd reduce the amount, perhaps even only feed smaller amounts every other day until the water clears. Fish can easily go days without eating with no ill effects.

I suspect that once the organics are reduced, the water will clear.

Edit: By the way, good filtration is about how well we filter water, not how much or how fast we push water through media. I've lost track of the number of times I've seen "there's no such thing as too much filtration". Nope...you can over filter a tank, but it won't make the water more pure. 🙂

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Thank you MJV Aquatics & Will Billy. I will be patient. I began cleaning the hob so often because it looked to be getting clogged / full of waste. I will feed less frequently  and be patient. 

Thanks again

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dont know how long you have had it set up, but its common for people to set up a tank and then over care for it. it can be hard to step back and do nothing , but generally over cleaning filters, and constant water changes keep setting back the "cycle". there is more to a new tank cycling than just ammonia. it takes time for bacteria and micro organisms to get colonized and up to speed and do what they do.


had to go back and read your post again. adding a good number of new fish, it can take time for the tank to settle into the new bio load. you had X number of fish waste/food in the tank previously and the tank has a colony of bacteria that was able to deal with that number. now with more load, the bacteria need to establish a new level to cope with the added  bio load.

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16 hours ago, Will Billy said:

Cleaning your filter too often can reduce your beneficial bacteria colony. You will want that bacterial bloom to settle in your filter and call it home. 

Actually, unless it's a very new setup, there's far more BB in the substrate than in any filter. Think of all that surface area in the gravel or sand.

All my filters are mechanical only and it's always good to get the crud out of the system.

The facultative (decomp) bacteria explosion that creates cloudy water shouldn't be confused with nitrosomonas or nitrospira bacteria that process ammonia and nitrite. 🙂

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