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Rummynise tetra white lip


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Take params: 

Temp: 79 degrees Fahrenheit

Ammonia: 0

Nitrite: 0

Nitrate: 60-80

A few of the rummynose tetras have recently(not sure when exactly just noticed it today) started showing what looks like a white upper lip. Everyone looks healthy and eats like pigs. Still got red noses. I know nitrates are a little high but water change day is I'm the morning. These fish just got added to the main tank after a 3+ month quarantine/grow-out. Honestly not even sure if they are the new additions or the original school who had been there for a year ish. Could they be rubbing their nose raw on the front glass from their patrolling? If so how do you get them to stop? They are in a 29g school of 25 with an angel, an to, and a male apisto who just chills in his cave all day. Much thanks! Link to gallery: Https://imgur.com/gallery/SjT1Kjv


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