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Anyone used CO2 tabs?

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On 2/16/2021 at 4:55 PM, Beau Burkhalter said:

I am setting up a 20 high with dwarf baby tears and I was wondering peoples experiences with co2 tabs. I’m trying to get a good way to set it up under something that will catch the bubbles and let it dissolve into the water 

CO2 tabs can be an OK passive CO2 system if you use a bell. Sera makes a kit where the tabs dissolve quickly to fill it. The dissolvable CO2 tabs from China are worthless. But from my experience using the sera kit, the cost of it adds up very quickly. It's also not enough CO2 to grow high-tech plants.

Better off doing DIY CO2, or just biting the bullet in terms of upfront costs and going with pressurized CO2. The costs for me weren't that bad. The FZONE regulator is decent at $65. Then another $60+ for a 5lb cylinder, CO2 itself is dirt cheap. And if you want to go with tiny bit of CO2 anyway, a 5lb cylinder might last you a year before you have to refill.

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