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white spots on fins?


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So I've noticed some white spots on my fish's lower fins (I hope y'all can see them through the photos). My fish, a betta, had a brush with fin rot quite recently although due to a variety of perscriptions, he seems better now. I don't want to sound too paranoid, but I was wondering whether the white spots could be fin rot or ich although they could just simply be the natural markings on my fish.

By the way here are some close up pictures that took forever to take because he won't hold still:


fish vinegar.jpg

fish vinegar 2.jpg

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It seems completly normal and nothing to worry about. Looks like just the regular markings. Your betta could be swittiching color, which bettas do often. Search up "bettas before and after" to see what I mean. There are some drastic changes.

Heres an example:


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