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I was today years old when I realized...


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What are some "discoveries" that you made in your aquarium journey. Maybe they are stupid discovires that everyone else knew but you, or maybe it was a diy project.

I will go first

"I was today years old when I relized that it was pronoucned African cichlids, not African Chichlid Sicklets" This was when I was brand new to the hobby, I would see people mention cichlids, but i saw the spelling it was "cichlids". The letters got twisted in my head and it turned into "chichlids" and so I thought it was African Chichilid Sickelts.


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I was over ten aquariums old before I realized there a hose contraption that connects to the sink for changing water. I was blown away. 

I felt like a total clown cursing and struggling with 5 gallon buckets for so long. Total game changer. 

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