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Good Option for Planting Stem Plants

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I have always struggled with keeping stem plants, planted. I use a soil substrate with a gravel cap. I am now trying these small, tera cotta pots and so far they are working great. I can do the planting outside the tank and arrange the plants in each pot like I want. Also easy to move without disturbing the plant. The pots are easy to bury in the substrate and not bad looking if you just place them on top of the substrate. Plants do well in them. They are available on Amazon and are very inexpensive. Your thoughts?


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I do this myself occasionally with some plants. However I don't plant the pots I just do it to get some root growth established enough that I can plant them into the place i want. I've done it with Java fern a few times. The roots have attached to some of the gravel so it's instantly weighed down enough to make it sink. Apologies that is a terrible picture! 🙈

I took this cutting the other night, it's not looking to hot but thought I would give it a go. I see it's been uprooted slightly, need to go fix that! 🙂



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