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To dose or not to dose? That is the question!

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I had a bit of an issue this week that I believe was caused by nitrates being too high. 

I did my typical water change on Sunday and immediately added the Easy Green fertilizer. I have watched several product videos that say as long you know your starting point is 20ppm or less naturally, it’s ok to add the recommended dose.  The photo is my normal level without Easy Green. I have a 75g tank. Ammonia and nitrites are 0 and pH is typically around 8. 

I have several slow growers - two types of Java fern and Anubias - a couple of Christmas moss things and some water lettuce and water sprite (and a banana plant that really just isn’t going much of anywhere yet). I dose 1x/wk and I have root tabs in the substrate around each rooted plant.

After the water change, I saw that my Bettas specifically became affected by something. Fins clamping and a couple were just really suffering. For example, one white betta looked like her scales had burns. 

I did a second 30% water change on Sunday and did not add the Easy Green. Clearly, after just dosing, nitrates were at least 40ppm I did one more 30% water change yesterday just for peace of mind. (And I do add conditioner upon every water change.)

I am scared to add the fertilizer again.

What’s your experience with this? Should I wait until levels come down farther before adding? Or do I half dose it 🤷🏽‍♀️

Thanks for any advice you can offer!




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