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Does anybody know what this is? β€‹πŸ€”


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I don't think it's cuddlebone!!!

Came with a plant order in a baggie of dried leaves and woods. Was brown and light before adding to water. It floats, smells like sulphur, and grew biofilm at the same time as the new spiderwood I added to the tank did.

FB says animal material. I don't think it is??? πŸ€” They also say to throw it out. Should I???

this is so weird.png

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Just now, Tre said:

Cuttlebone is white.Β  I would say Indian Almond leaf from the first pic but the second pic is more confusing.... Where did you order it?Β  What was the package of items labeled as?Β 

Unfortunately, no labels. My plant guy was recommended me to by a friend-of-a-friend and he's definitely a small business. He threw in a bunch of extras like cholla wood, things that look like the tops of pinecones, and other organic/ plant material that I don't know the names of, sadly. This particular item is very thick, maybe a pod of some sort?

Thanks for your reply!

(pic shown as example of some of the items)

idk what this is either.jpg

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