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Chilis sick


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Hi! I have had a 5 gallon tank set up for almost a year now. Stable tank parameters. 7ph, 0 ammonia, 0nitrites, 20 nitrates, gh 7, kh 4. Small water changes weekly. I picked up 8 chili rasboras 4 days ago and added them to the tank. There have been some blue shrimp in the tank for months now also. It is planted tank with wood, Java ferns, Anubius, crypts, bacopa, Java moss and I’ve added some catappa leaves as well. I noticed the chili’s have been glass surfing a lot up and down the glass since I put them in. They have colored up a lot since I got them but I noticed single white spot on 2 of them a day ago. One is on the body of one and another on the fin on another. I treated the tank with ick x immediately once I saw that.  I also noticed yesterday one has a white spot on its mouth. So I also added maracyn. I watched several videos about how to does the 3 meds suggested but now that I have seen these things I am wondering how I go about dosing? I am on day 2 of ick x changing 30% water before. And added another dose of maracyn also. Do I continue to dose this way? If there is only single white dots on a few is it ick? And what about the white spot on mouth of one? Appreciate any help! 

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