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Dark Knight/Gold Rams SoCal Breeding Outdoors

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1 hour ago, Wasatchaquatics said:

I’d definitely be interested in how you condition your rams. 

Some tips that I’d definitely recommend doing is that the second

I see my grow outs pairing up I put them in there own tank set up how dean does. ( you will actually be surprised at how young they can start pairing off and breeding)Using the terra cotta pot bottoms definitely helps. I try to get the tank heavily planted and freed frozen food twice a day.

Water Parameters: I have all my heaters set to 86-89(even my outdoor tanks and tubs that I use to breed Rams which I do keep shaded). I use ro water from a water store that has been slightly remineralized I add 15 Indian almond leaves per 5 gallons and let it sit over night before using. My pH ranges in the mid 6‘s.* However I do not do water changes i only top of using the water which I just explained therefore over time my tds does raise and I do currently have a ram breeding tank that have a tds of over 900 that being said the I do make sure to keep the pH on check I must also say that one of the reasons to which I believe I am able to pull off no water changes is because I do keep theses tanks heavily stocked with plants*



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