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Help identifying this light


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As much as I love a good long thread full of nerdy info and discussing the many intracacies of aquariums and fish, this thread right here is all the reasons I already love this forum. And it was just four posts (before I ruined it).

To break it down you have:

1) A very simple question, but one that you couldn't just go to your friend and ask. It's a question I certainly didn't know the answer to, though I suspect a good number of people on here might.

2) An incredibly quick, and perfectly succinct response with exactly what the OP was looking for. And then even included a price.

3) A very appropriately grateful response.

4) A hilarious response that I was certainly not expecting, yet very accurate description. During this long-winded post I keep scrolling back up for a good laugh 😆.

I guess all we need now is a nermy individual to actually get a tin can, some electrical conduit, and a light bulb, socket and wire and actually build it! (I'm contemplating it)

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