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2021's Tetra Luft air pump??


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Hi all,

Since I have been away from the hobby for a long time, I am playing catch up for a lot of the modern go to equipment. 

Back in the day, most people I knew ran their rooms on Luft pumps. You could run 3-4 tanks on one of them and they were absolute work horses. 

Are Luft pumps still a thing? If not, is there something comparable that would run multiple 10-20 gallon tanks on it's own?



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Depending upon how many tanks you are planning, the linbear piston pump may work for you. If you aren't planning thast many tanks, I know a lot of people who use the bigger pumps from Amazon, like the following that you can run several tanks off. I used similar ones for a few years until I had enough tanks going I needed a linear piston pump. The one problem with these pumps from Amazon is they tend to be loud and run hot.

Amazon.com: EcoPlus 728450 Eco Air1 Commercial Air Pump 1-18 Watt Single Outlet, 6 Valve Manifold For Aquarium, Fish Tank, Fountain, Pond & Hydroponics, 793 GPH, Silver: Pet Supplies

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