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So I bought some fish for my 75 gallon planted tank. I got

10- cardinal tetras, 6- green fire tetras, 6- swabwa barbs( rummynose rasboras)&6- kubotia rasboras. I also have 5 Cory’s and 2 bristlenoses. My question is how many more if any fish should I get? I don’t want to over stock the tank. The cardinals and green fires get 2” max and the rasboras will be smaller obviously so I don’t know how to judge how many to get yet. Any ideas ? 


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I dont like the rule "one inch of fish per gallon rule" because every tank is differnet. This goes with your tank too. In my opinion it is very hard to overstock a tank. Sure sometimes you will have so much fish in their were you'll really have to keep up with waterchanges and theres others where you can go a month without a waterchange or YEARS without a waterchange. It really depends on your plant growth, at which you have a lot of. Plants will consume the nitrates and phostphates, water colum plants are especially good at this. I would say start testing your water, does nitries or amonia show up in your tank in a few days or a few weeks? or only one week? if its anywhere under one week I would say to stop adding fish. But if its a week or more I would say add more! A "feature" fish would look really good in this tank my suggestions are,

-Apistogramma (1)

-Angel Fish (3)

-Betta (1)

-German Blue Rams (3)

-Gourami (3, one male for every two female ratio. Or just one gourami)

-Red Tail Shark (1)

-Peacock Gudgeons (3)

You could probably get away with another school of fish, suggestions are... (7 in a group)

-Corydoras (5 in a group)

-Ember Tetras

-Rummynose Tetra

and then the "feature fish" as well


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