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Help me identify these plants

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Tough to tell what species from your photo.. But, they do appear to stem plant like. Stem plants will take up nutrients from the water column for sure. I believe they will also take up plenty of nutrients from the substrate too if available. So I like to give my stems root tabs, especially if planting them into sand. And of course I also use Easy Green at the same time.

The rounded leaf stems look maybeeee like a ludwigia, rotala, creeping mint charlie? And the longer leaves are giving me mermaid weed or Hygrophila corymbosa vibes. I could be totally wrong on both accounts lol. Looks like it might be emersed grown (out of water) which makes it even harder to identify. 

Here's more info on how to plant different types of plants including stems https://www.aquariumcoop.com/blogs/aquarium/how-to-plant

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