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  1. Just transferred my latest clutch to the grow out tank with their three big Brothers and sisters that I kept from the last clutch. I counted 100 as I netted!
  2. At what point should I move the fry from the 2.5g bowl to the 5.5g tank and then to the 20g tall grow out tank?
  3. Thanks to YouTube learned how to get my eggs to hatch and grow! My angelfish pair are laying every two weeks and have a great hatch rate. I have so many fry what do I do now for grow out?
  4. I'm trying to get angelfish eggs to hatch. So I'm setting up a nano tank with heater airstone to put the eggs in after they lay them. My problem is they lay on leaves so when I put it into my nano tank it starts to break down. I have no filter and no substrate in this tank and was wondering if some floating plants or a hanging bag of ceramic media would work to keep better quality water?
  5. I do one pump a day if my nitrates are below 5ppm instead of one dose a week i spread it out over the week
  6. For the one pump a dayer's. Heat the end of airline and press it on the pump tip. Leave enough hanging down to squirt into the HOB discharge. It also keeps the lid from vibrating.
  7. New to planted aquariums and trying to balance my tank. I'm getting lot's of algae on my anubias. I fertilize as necessary to keep some nitrates in my take. My lighting needs to be on the high side because I have other plants that I'm trying to grow out to shade the anubias. Would co2 help? Should I reduce the light intensity or duration?
  8. I'm wanting to get Co2 going in my tank. How long will a 20oz bottle last at 1-2 bubbles per second?
  9. Neon blue dwarf gourami awesome
  10. These are water column feeders so the roots don't have to be under the substrate. I lossly wrap plant weights around the rhizome and drop the in. I can move them as much as I want.
  11. I'm convinced photographing fish is the hardest thing. Trying to focus on my alfa German blue ram without my other curious fish getting in the way.
  12. Should I be concerned with trapping fish waste under the new sand or will it be ok? I plan to add in the new sand wet with a cup at the bottom to minimize the cloudiness
  13. Me sand substrate is getting thin from years of water changes. Instead of stripping my tank and changing all of my substrate I opted to simply add some new. I spoke with my fish dealer and he said it would be better than risking a tank crash. My question is do I keep the dirty substrate separate or just add the new over the top? My tank is planted.
  14. She's nipping my jungle val and this one. Not sure what it is but she really gets after it.
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