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Treating Ich breakout with salt.


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This will be the first time I have treated my tank with salt. As of a few months ago we can no longer get the normal ich meds I use in Canada. I have used my last of what I had. My amazing fish store has given me the amounts of salt and details. However I completely forget how long i need to leave the temp raised in the tank. Tank is at 77f/25c currently. It was a heater issue that has caused a huge temperature swing and therefore the ick.

1) is 80f a good temp to raise it to?

2) how long to I leave temp raised for?

It's a community tank with tetras of different kinds, neons, danios, rainbows and Bristlenose. Live plants.

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I also live in Canada and thought I would share this with the meds that I have been able to find:

-API Super Ick Cure, I found at petsmart and other big box pet stores. It worked fine for me. I dont know if this is plant safe.

-Supratect 100% Natrual Fish Health, This has been highly reccemonded from many Canadian Fish Keepers. They do not classify it as a fish medicine this way they do not need to respond to health canada. It has been known to treat (external parasites including ich and other bacterial infections. The King of Diy himself has said he beleives it could treat internal parasites too). It has a high concentration of garlic which has been known to help with fish parasites. I have not tried this product all though I am about to order it and try it for myself. Heres a link: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B08MCJW3RC It also claims to be invertibrate and plant safe. 

I would suggest to try and get the products above. All though the Supratect may not arrive for a few days.

Now onto your questions:
-Yes 80F should be okay

-Raise the temp through out entire treatment.

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