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How to quarantine dwarf chain loaches?


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Hi everyone. 

Fairly new to the hobby and have recently set up a small quarantine tank that's now cycled (NH4 - 0, NO2 - 0, NO3 - 10).

Have seen the videos on using the 3 pack quarantine meds. Unfortunately, we can't buy them where we are and have resorted to having salt, Seachem Paraguard and API melafix on hand. 

We want to get some dwarf chain loaches but aren't sure how to quarantine them properly. Worried about dosing as have seen a lot about not using additional meds, especially on scale less fish. 

Any tips or guidance would be hugely appreciated. Thanks. 

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When I quarintine all my fish I don't medicate them unless I know if their sick. Unless they are wildcaught then I will treat for internal parasites and worms. I would suggest the same method, quarintine for 4-6 weeks and only medicate when needed. Chance are you won't need to treat them. 

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