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Treated BN Pleco for Camallanus Using Expel-P


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Wanted to share my experience using Expel-P to treat for Camallanus. This is only my experience and it is very limited to this one time use with very few fish exposed to the product, but I thought some people might be interested to know the outcome. I recently bought an adult male long-fin BN Pleco from a large on-line retailer. He arrived ok, but with fin-rot and a lot of ammonia in the shipping bag. I quarantined in a tub (quarantine tank temporarily in use to grow out a group of Angelfish) with a cycled filter and heater. I used ParaCleanse & Maracyn during quarantine. Pleco did well in quarantine. I moved him to my 90 gallon planted low-tech aquascape containing 3 Corydoras, 1 half-dollar sized Angelfish and a small handful of pond snails. Two hours after I turned him loose in the tank I stopped to look at him on the glass. That's when I saw something red protruding from his vent. I picked up my reading glasses and identified what appeared to me to be Camallanus. I ordered Excel-P and kept confirming the presence of the parasite in the vent over the few days it took for the de-wormer to arrive. I left him in the tank and treated the entire 90 gallons. I followed the instructions on the box for the 1 dose and the parasite was gone from the Pleco's vent when I observed him on the glass the next day after treatment and I performed the water change per instructions. Other tank mates were normal and active. Unfortunately, all the pond snails lived (drats). I don't keep shrimp. Instructions say to treat an additional time a week later. I did not do this because I wanted to see if they will show up again. I'm 2 weeks out from treatment and I've not observed any Camallanus so far on the Pleco or the Angelfish (I can't see the vents on the Corydoras to say one way or the other), but all fish and snails continue to appear well. 

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