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Hello!  any fellow turtle parents?


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Hello!  serious newbie here

I live in Baltimore, MD (USA) and have had a turtle tank for over a decade.  It started as my husband's, but he became tired of it.   I took over a few years ago, and now that I feel confident in the basics, I'm interested in expanding 🙃  At this point I only have the turtle ( female yellow belly slider) and about 10 goldies that started as feeders, but have survived (since she's old enough to prefer veggies mostly at this point).  I know most turtle keepers avoid plants, since they get eaten or dug up. I'm wondering if I can just focus on the  plants that enjoy being glued to rocks and/or ones that want a pot and/or the ones that get characterized as needed a lot of pruning. And that are safe for a turtle to eat!  Maybe I could keep them in a cage of some kind while they get established?  It's a 110 gallon tank, that's more deep than wide.  I have a few old plastic plants in there, which she loves to play with, and I might leave some for that purpose.  I'm also thinking about adding a bunch of small structures that could provide hiding space for shrimp, so I can add them to the system, as well.  


(IDK why it's upside down - I swear the photo doesn't look that way on any other media 🤦‍♀️)

Basically, I just love plants (over 30 species of houseplants).  I'm tempted by a second, small tank for a betta and maybe a few tetras that I could plant as well, but nine months into this pandemic and the subsequent shrinking of my world, I've learned to try and take new hobbies slowly, so I'd prefer to start with the tank I already have.  

I'm excited to have found this resource and look forward to learning from you all

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I don't have an aquatic turtle, but I do have a 20 year old russian tortoise. :3

Plants are what really got me going in this hobby, watch out they're addicting! I'm going to be an enabler and say do a betta tank. I have a little 5 gallon for a betta, but just think of the plants you could put in an even bigger aquarium. 😉

Welcome to the forum!

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