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How to quarantine


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Hey everyone

I know @Coryhas made like 1,000 videos on how to quarantine fish but I feel like its gotten a little lost in the weeds especially since he switched from recommending General Cure and Erythromycin to ParaCleanse and Maracyn so I had a few questions.

1. Is it okay to use Ich-X, API General Cure, and Mardel Maracyn together as my 3 quarantine meds?

2. Is the process still 1 pack of General Cure, 1 pack Maracyn, and 1 teaspoon Ich-X per 10 gallons and let it sit for a week?

Also if anyone has the link to the most recent video that discusses this that would be great because I couldn't find it.


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Also here is a blog article on it from our website to help as well. 


Treating sick aquarium fish can be difficult, especially if you’re new to the hobby or have never seen this disease before. Based on years of experience helping customers at our fish store and online, here are the step-by-step...


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