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What to do with new fish


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I had a plan but things change sometimes. I am adding 3 cories to my 36bf. It has 4 already plus a dwarf gourami. 10 neons, 3 siamese algae eaters and 3 nerite snails. Had 4 to add but one died in quarentine. I think the lfs lady squished it while catching it. Anyway i also have 8 rasboras. The plan was to add them to a 20long that has 11 male guppies. But in the mean time I took my betta out of the quarentine tank and instead of putting him back in the 10 with 10 cherry shrimp he is with 2 assasin snails in a 5.5gal. He seems to be doing really well in the smaller tank so i think i will leave him there. So that begs the question what to do with 8 rasboras? Put them in a 20 long with the guppies or in the 10 with the shrimp? All my tanks are planted so its more of a size/tank mate question. Ideas???

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Just now, James Black

Depends what you want to do witht he guppies and shrimp.

If your looking to breed the guppies, I would put the rasboras witht he shrimp.

If your looking to breed the shrimp, the rasboras may eat the baby shrimp, all though it probably depends on the batch of rasboras.

The guppy tank available is the males I like. I have another 20 long with aome femes that spit out babies every few weeks. Good males go to the good male tank. Extras go to lfs. Id love to see the shrimp reproduce. Maybe the original plan is best. Thanks.

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