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Goldfish egg???????

The nano tank man

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My two oranda goldfish I have might have breed. Now ive never breed fish so I might be a little freaked out. Ive determined one of my fish is a female. Th other I cant tell. Yesterday they where chasing a little but I thought they where looking for food. Later I saw them pressed up on the glass worming around. I cant tell if this is a leftovwr egg or not. Please help.


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Doesn’t really look like it, or at least not a viable one. Spawning parents will gobble up eggs as quickly as they lay them, so only a few will escape unnoticed if the parents don’t get pulled.

I’ve bred a lot of goldfish and the eggs will tend to be clear/yellowish if fertilized or dull white if not. Here’s a photo of a spawning tray with babies hatching out.

Best of luck with future spawns! Not an if, but a when. As a hint, check your water. Male milt released during spawning often causes a huge ammonia spike, so I tended to do an almost immediate 90% change on any spawn tanks as a preventative thing.


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