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Hello from upstate New York


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Hey everyone, my name is Phil and I live wayyyy to far away from Aquarium CO-OP.  good thing Cory ships items quickly!  I’ve been in the hobby for about a year and a half and I’m still learning all the time. Ive survived some newbie mistakes and I’ve made some good calls along the way as well. I look forward to contributing to the forums and learning from the vets as well of course. This hobby can be frustrating for newbies like myself and I believe there is a niche that could be filled in the education department.  For example, I had a nitrate issue becuase I was testing wrong, I didn’t know for my first 16 months in the hobby that the #2 nitrate bottle needed to be bullied in order to be accurate. I feel this type of factoid should have been an in your face, well advertised type of fact but it wasn’t. I had to dig to finally figure this out. I want to spare the next newbie the pain!  I enjoy trouble shooting and triumphing over issues that pop up and I would love to help fellow fish keepers and maybe save some fish lives along the way.

 Btw Cory, I’ll help run your east coast branch when you decide to open one up and also, what’s out your way that my girlfriend would enjoy for a vaca?  I need an excuse to fly across the country to see the shop!

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