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Hi! My names Steph and Ive been avid in the hobby for about a year and a half now. I first got started when I was a kid but fell out of the hobby in high school when my parents wouldn’t let me redo my tank after it had crashed. I loved when it was breeding Platies and I’ve wanted to start breeding livebearers ever since. I started college in 2018 and was able to get back in the hobby, I discovered the CoOp YouTube channel and have been able to do so much more than I ever thought possible, such as live plants, multiple tanks, and freshwater puffers. I’m planning a full fishroom for when I graduate college, until then though I’ve got a few tanks. I’m so excited for this forum so I can connect with others and further my fishkeeping knowledge. I’m in the middle of loving apartments so my fish are in a sort of limbo at home with my family, and my betta passed away recently as well, so my tanks are in a weird spot rn 😅 but rn I have 3 pea puffers, 2 bristlenose plecos, and a few rummy nose tetras. Also included is a photo of Oscar, my betta that passed away recently, he was my first fish back in the hobby.





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