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DIY UV Sterilizer for under $15

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I used this project to get rid of greenwater in my 2.5 gallon for cheap but this project can easily be scaled up to larger tanks. The price assumes you already have an air pump, airline, and air stone. The only tools required are a saw and drill.

First you will need a UV bulb that you can get off ebay for $12 and a some pvc pipe, you can get a 2" diameter x 2' length at homedepot for under $3. -> UV light on ebay

Cut the pvp so it's long enough to be pushed into the substrate and so the top is above the water line. Then drill holes around the pipe (see pictures) near the botton and near the top. Once that's done put the pipe in the tank vertically and place the UV bulb inside the pipe between the sets of drilled holes to keep your eyes safe from the UV light and put in an airstone near the bottom of the pipe. The air will create lift and pull water in the bottom holes and push it out the top holes. And that's it you're done, UV sterilizer for cheap.

Also whenever the greenwater or pest ect are gone just remove the bulb and add bio balls to convert it to an oxygen rich bio reactor. Happy building ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ )



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23 minutes ago, Bill Smith said:

Whoa, super cool! Perfect for a sump. Need to come up with a way so that eyes are protected in that kind of environment.


Yep!  A larger pipe outside or a small pipe inside with the holes offset (and small enough so the fish cannot swim in).  Cool design though, and very easy to adjust contact time with the air stone!

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