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Ick or velvet?


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I’m not familiar with velvet. I assumed this was ick but it seems i see it gets confused with velvet sometimes.  Can anyone tell which this is?  I noticed it about 2 days ago. I cranked the heat to 85 though it’s having a hard time getting there. I’ve done 30% water changes and treated with ick x the last 2 days. 

it’s a 125 gallon tank. It mainly seems to be impacting the rainbows and they seem to have lost a lot of their color as well. I do see spots on some other fish in the tank too but nothing like you see on the rainbow in the pictures.  There are several other rainbows and a bunch of other fish that have no spots at all, at least not yet. 

we currently have to quarantine so I can’t go to any stores to buy meds if needed. I’ll have to order online and wait for it. But if it’s ick I’ve already been treating for that. 

I just finished changing water and dosing ick x so I can get water tested and provide that if it helps






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