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Saltwater stocking for 10g?

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Hello everyone!

         I know this is an overall tropical fish forum but I have a saltwater question. I have never kept and kind of reef fish but I have a 10 gallon who I am interested in converting. It currently has a king betta who lives alone and am looking for a upgrade. I was wondering, what saltwater fish would be happy in a 10g? Also, I also would like to try out some kind of coral or sea anemone. Is there a particular kind you recommend for a beginner saltwater keeper? I have A LOT of research ahead of me and if you have any tips for keeping saltwater tanks, I am happy for any info. The tank currently has a power filter and not heater. Thanks in advance!

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I have a nano reef with...

-Clownfish x2

-Cleaner Shrimp


I heard that bubbletip anemones are on the cheaper side of anemones and are good for begginers. I wouldn't do a carpet anemone because they will make a carpet (think freshwater) and it will take up a lot of room for other fish other then clownfish to swim around, because it will sting them at stuff. 

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