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Trying out plants in my tank


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Documenting what I would call my first real planted tank.

38 gallon tank with crushed coral in a hob filter. 

Snails, 3 angelfish, 2 albino corydoras, 7 flame/von rio tetras.

Anubias nana, cryptocoryne (lutea?), Water onion, amazon sword, marimo moss ball, and aponogeton.

I once put one or two plants in a tank many years ago but didn't keep them in there. So this will be my first time really trying it out. I started with bulbs maybe under a month ago and the water onion and aponogeton have grown that much. I'm trying to see what will work in my tank with minimal effort. So I'm not doing any fertilizers or CO2 the only thing I added was a root tab for my Amazon sword. I want to see what works well with my personal tank conditions and will go from there. I'm really bad about switching my tank up frequently so it will be a challenge to just leave it alone and see what happens (and I know if I don't like it I can try to switch it up) But I plan on doing at least one update shot if they grow.

*My aponogeton is getting attacked by my angel fish, so I may end up taking it out and just doing vallisneria. In time...






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