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Looking at CO2 tanks


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I have been doing a co2 passive diffusion with an inverted 14oz bottle for my 16 gal tank. Doing this just about every other day and only during the time I have the lights on.
I have been filling my bottle off hubbys modified soda stream machine, he has a 5lb CO2 tank on it and the rod that gets placed inside his soda bottle is the perfect size to slip a air hose over the tip. I could keep doing this but I really should get my own tank.

I have been looking at the Generator System CO2 tanks where you make your own using citric acid, baking soda, and water.
Anyone else out there using these for their CO2 supply?


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They were selling these on Pressurized DIY's at Amazon but their customer service seems to suggest that they are not going to keep selling there (which is fine by me). I think they still ship the C02 products from within the U.S. as I ordered a second one two weeks ago and it arrived within a few days.

Maybe Cory will start importing 😃

I posted in another thread too, but will share here. I use on a 40G breeder and refill once a week with 200g of baking soda, 200g of citric acid, and 300ml of water. It comes with the electronic solenoid too and is easy to hook up to a timer. I also bought a 5lb tank but my options for filling it are more work than the DIY.


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I have that generator system. I have filled the bottles with reagents once, and with passive CO2 I think it is going to last me a looong time. I made a pex J hook that I slip under the floating CO2 chamber, and I am filling 2 pint containers daily.

One thing you will notice with this system is that some of the air you get at first is not straight CO2. You will have whatever room air was in the bottles when you filled it to get rid of, and at first you will fill your container and half will dissolve into the water quickly, but then the rest will just sit there. Burp the container and refill with CO2, and you will be rolling again.

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