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Securing Plants Question

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I'm looking to add some plants emerging out of the tank with roots growing into tank. I'm thinking beyond aesthetics plants can also help deflect water flow from filters. I have a Aquaclear 200 hanging filter and a Marineland canister filter.  

Any suggestions on how to secure plants to tank while keeping them a float?

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You can always use suction cups such as these



and let the roots dangle through the "C' clip which will hold the roots loosely in place.


There are also other versions that might be useful such as these



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Once I watched the video and did a Google search, the internet was all over me faster than a used car salesman. 

Down the rabbit hole, I found these sink sponge holders at Walmart ($4). Picked them up first thing this morning. 


They hold the plants nicely, help reduce surface flow, create a barrier to keep floating plants out, and reduce tank noise. I'm very pleased.

I now have to work on non-hood light fixture! Thanks for input.




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