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20 Gallon green neon and pseudomugil tank

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I had another journal for this tank but it became cluttered with my journals for my other tanks do I am going to make one just to talk about this one.

This 20 Gallon high is my oldest tank I currently have. The setup date was may 2022. 

This tank has had two main phases over the last two years but here is how it is setup right now:

Filtration: Fluval 107 + crappy amazon sponge filter.

Lighting: Aquaneat 24” led,

Heater: nicrew 100w heater

Substrate: mixture of stoney river white sand and carib sea supernaturals with mesh zipper-bagged fluval stratum

Hardscape: Driftwood, river rocks and petco lava rocks.

Current Planting: Crypt wendtii which all grew from one, a little bit of remaining saggitaria subulata, random anubias, windelov fern, wisteria (new), dwarf aquarium lily (new), and an amazon sword.

Stock list: 10x Red neon blue eye, 10x Green neon, 5x Kuhli loach, 4x male guppy, 4x beckford’s pencilfish.


This is my very favorite fish in the whole tank. It is the biggest male guppy I have ever seen, and probably the largest fish in this tank.


Whole tank shot. I used to have a jungle in here but I like the more sparsely planted look a bit better.IMG_3263.jpeg.cc78f85f047d4f2c93bcb6e29693da43.jpeg

This picture shows my green neon and my one neon guppy. The green neons are really good looking and I think they are almost full size now.IMG_3264.jpeg.d115afa66f11b9af82d880f555ffef95.jpeg

Feeding frenzy. The boring grey fish are my luminatus blue eyes which should look really cool when they grow but are still tiny.IMG_3261.jpeg.144622336f8271d0dc72406ed50bfc4e.jpeg

Here is a mixed shoal of where you can see the elusive Pencilfish.

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On 4/6/2024 at 9:53 PM, Guppysnail said:

Mine are in my face beggars 🐷 all day. If they don’t warm up maybe add just a few more.

Nice tank. 

Mine used to be, but since they suffered the trauma from the apistos they havent come out much.

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I’m having some trouble with cloudy water after I removed the sponge filter. I can’t add the sponge filter back now because I am using it in QT. This tank has an aquaclear 30 and fluval 107 right now.

I did a big waterchange and here is how it looks now.IMG_3346.jpeg.72bcaced265984eb371160899c148a5c.jpeg

I also added another sword from QT.

I got a red thicklip gourami for this tank. The other fish I was considering was an A. cacatoides but I decided on the gourami because I though this tank might be too small and the apisto might be agressive.

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