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What's wrong with Brazilian Pennywort?

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I planted this in January, and the brown has slowly crept up to the higher leaves. 

My tank parameters, and equipment is in my signature. All other plants are doing great. I dose Easy Green 2x / week, and dose Easy Root Tabs 1x / month. 

ACO Easy LED is at 60%  

Could it be due to being next to the heater? 



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I already have floating plants...lol. 

I guess i'll try the other method the Co-Op website suggests: planting a bunch together, and space out the bunches. 

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I second goofy garra and JoeQ. I know you don't want to float it. In one of my tanks I have it wrapped loosely around some driftwood that reaches towards the top of my tank, so it can do its thing and get some leaves at the surface of the water but I still can see some of it in the water. Compromise!

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On 4/2/2024 at 6:48 PM, EricksonAquatics said:

Looks like some sort of weird deficiency to me? 

That's what it looks like to me too; but like I said - the rest of the plants are thriving. Very bizarre.

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Posted (edited)

A quick update on this. 

I went with the alternative Co-Op website recommendation of trimming it, and planting it as a 'bunch'.  Added an airstone to the tank, and....poof! THRIVING



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