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I have been using this in my fish tank for a while, I will be shocked if anyone knows what this is, have you ever heard of “silver”? Like, the stuff you drink for your health???? I was using it for my betta (Sonic) and I thnk it helped, I looked it up, 100% safe for pet fish, can help with a lot of things.  I wanted to tell everybody about it, so if you’re fish is sick, give it a try! I use a measuring cup like for medicine and use 5 ml for it, but anyway, just wanted to tell everyone, if you want to try it!!!

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On 4/4/2024 at 9:13 PM, johnnyxxl said:

Helped with what?

Oh my bad, I meant it helps with, fin rot, clamped fins, most bacterial and fungal diseases, basic the most common ones @johnnyxxl. I like too use it whenever my fish is Ill, if it is even any of these, it still helps I believe.

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