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Snail Shell broke. Will he live?

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Mystery Snail (Roger) shell broke during arrangement of aquascape. Roger is alive, but I'm sure stunned. I moved him to the quarantine tank. 

Small diamond shape marked area shell is thin. Larger area indicates missing area.

I did not retail broken piece. Will he live?

UPDATE: He is moving.


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in all probability, yes. they are rather resilient. could i give you a 100% guarantee, no. 

if the shell is thin what are your dGh and dKh as well as ph. ph should be above 7.  dGh should be 10 or higher for shell strength, dKh should be over 6

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pH is 7.5. I have no clue on dGh or dKh. Not thinking shell is thin, I think he was in the wrong place, wrong time and got pinched between two large stones.

Roger had a white stripe on his shell which ended up being the point where the shell broke. He had that when he was purchased. 

I'm feeling a lot better, because he is cruising around the quarantine tank. 

Thanks for feedback.

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Great to hear he's doing better! If you're not already doing it, some calcium in his diet might help too - I feed my snails some Crab Cuisine to be sure they are getting enough, and also have cuttlebone in my tanks to raise the calcium a bit (and snails sometimes snack on it too). 

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UPDATE: Roger is doing fine despite broken shell. Here is a picture of my two mystery snails Roger and Dave this morning.

I saw a similar pose yesterday thinking it was "Tenderness". After seeing an egg sack on my glass, I'm thinking it was more "I'll Take You There". To avoid content removal for inappropriate material, I added a censor bar.

🐌 "Hey Dave, I still bet no one knows why our names are Roger and Dave"



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Roger passed away. Not due to injury. He got sucked into filter intake.

Not sure when a pet needs remembered. Is it how much they cost?  How long you had them? Or that you bothered to name them?

Picture of Roger and his namesake Raking Roger of General Public. Yes Dave also looks like Dave Wakeman.


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