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Newbie doesn't know how to use forum very well

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I won't beat around the bush... I want to start a journal on here and log some info that would otherwise get deeply lost in my mound of papers, but I have no idea how to start a journal or blog or anything like that...

can someone please help and give me some directions?

Thank you,

A not-so-techy newbie

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Hi. I feel your pain. I had to have serious help learning how to use the forum. I’m not techy at all. 

here is the process to get to photos and journals. 

Start your journal the same way you started this topic. 1F5915FE-1116-4332-AC86-815B29005E4B.jpeg.df20c29f224c8723e179e0cf8b12f20b.jpegDFDFE758-629C-4C00-9CF2-E7580B9BDD1C.jpeg.3eda9446e44d46a775aa80a5231e5155.jpeg


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Welcome to the communtiy!

Starting a journal can be done the same way you posted this thread! Instead of clicking "general discussion" when choosing your thread topic, choose "Photos, videos, and Journals"

Then you can start your journal! 

Sharing pictures in your journal is a nice way of sharing your journey for everyone to see. It can be done in a few simple steps:


As your typing out your update... you can click "choose files" at the bottom of your screen. You can then click the image you want to upload. 


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Also, if your on this topic and want to start it, you can jump from this topic in general discussion and hop to forums by clicking that button on screen below, and then go to photos, videos, and journals and press start topic! Don’t worry, I didn’t even know how to quote posts at first too, but after a little bit u will be a forum master! 🙂

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