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What kind of goldfish? The big fancy fat ones have slightly different environment considerations than anything slim-bodied. 

What I’ve heard and seen is that you don’t normally see the full aquascaping thing with goldfish. The goldfish is the highlight and the plants are a secondary accent. And the plants may get munched. 

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I like having sand or small gravel because they love sifting through it looking for food. Just make sure if you do use a substrate that it’s not too big as it can be a choking hazard.

Hardscape like river stones and wood is okay, just make sure there isn’t anything jagged, since fancies have those long flowing fins.

There are a lot of plants that you can get away with! Java fern and Anubias are common choices. Really any sturdy plant can work. I’m having success with Vallisneria inside of the easy planters. In the past I’ve floated stem plants and it worked out well; the goldfish will munch on it and new roots grow from the “broken” pieces 😊

There was a blog article recently about plants and goldfish:


Goldfish are notorious for munching on or digging up aquatic plants, which is a shame because live plants are both...


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